12.15.2014 / Holiday Baubles and a Speedy DIY

The stockings are hung by the mantle with care….. I lie, we don’t have stockings OR a mantle, but the holiday decorations are officially up!  Before I give you the full festive tour, I wanted to show you a quick and easy DIY that keeps putting a smile on my face.


This adorable little “Merry and Bright” canvas was seriously simple guys- the most time-consuming part of this process was scouring pinterest for inspiration.

The lengthy list of supplies includes:

  • a sketch pad to practice lettering and plan out the design
  • a pencil
  • a 6×6″ canvas
  • a black sharpie and (optional) a gold sharpie
  • an eraser

Since I already had all these supplies chillin’ around my house, this project was essentially free.

First, I took to my sketch pad.  I traced the outline of the canvas and started playing around a bit.  I’m not a calligrapher or hand-letterer, so I needed a little practice and prep before hitting my canvas.


Once I was set on the design and style of lettering, I took my pencil lightly to the canvas (so that erasing the pencil marks would be no problem later).  After a little trial and error, I was able to get the spacing just right and move on to my sharpie.


The key here is to try and do everything in smooth strokes and not to think too much.  Who cares if that one line isn’t bone straight, that’s the beauty of hand lettering.  Once you’ve sharpie’d the whole design, go back and gently erase all of your pencil.


Aside from my one wavy letter (I’m looking at you, Mr. T) I’m over the moon with how simple and chic it came out.  Just as I had pictured it- festive, graphic, and not too kitschy.


It compliments the rest of my holiday decor nicely.






Looked a little different last year without the bookshelf, no?


And one more reminder of the cute and festive DIY.


I hope your holiday season is “Merry and Bright”!!!

This project is linked up over at Newly Woodwards Dare to DIY link-up.  Go check it out!


12.10.2014 / Antiquey Goodness

Ok, let’s try this post- Take 2!  (Take 1 was sacrificed to a frozen computer)

I’ve been really trying not to add clutter to this house.  “Trying” is the operative word here.  The way I see it, when an item keeps nagging at you for almost a month, your intuition is trying to tell you to take it home.

Our story starts just about a month ago.  In my hunt for a cabinet for Millie the fliphouse (there’s more story to tell here, but that’ll be another day) I dragged Hubby to an antique shop around the corner from our house.  No cabinet fit the bill and we left empty handed.  On our way out, I quickly snapped this blurry phone pic of a rug.


And it proceeded to haunt me.  Why hadn’t I asked the price?  Or looked at the size?  Where would I even put it?

A week and a half later it was still on my mind.

I swung by the shop to gather a bit more intel- size/price.  I had in my head going in that anything under $200 would be up for consideration.  Imagine my pleasant surprise when the price tag said $95.  Still, $95 plus the cost of a really good clean…. over $100 invested in a rug that I may or may not have a place for seemed a little steep.  I once again left empty handed.  Did I really need this rug?

I think you can see where this story is headed.

When another week and a half went by and it was still on my mind, yes, yes I really did need this rug.  On a whim this past weekend, I stopped by the shop on my way home.  Like many antique shops, they encourage haggling, so I made an offer of $65 expected to be haggled up to around $75.  After a quick phone call to the shop owner, my $65 offer was accepted with no counter!  Ok, if you insist.


At $65 plus cleaning, under $100 invested, I’m sure I can find a home for this guy either at my own home or as staging for my flips.  After it gets a nice, deep cleaning, it may find a home in our kitchen (as pictured below), our upstairs hallway if it fits, or maybe even Millie’s kitchen.


So, do you agree with my nagging intuition- is this an awesome buy or what?


10.8.2014 / Niece Nursery Plans

It’s been a very long while since I mentioned anything about my soon-to-be niece’s nursery.  For reasons beyond my control, it looks like she’ll get here before her nursery is completed, but we had a chat and she told me she doesn’t mind as long as I knock the room out of the park.  You got it, little lady.

This is definitely one of those spaces that will evolve once we get the staple pieces into it.  Even in putting this board together, it doesn’t look like it’s fully jiving just yet, but have faith!  I know the accessories and little touches here will pull it all together.  My vision for this little girl is an eclectic but classic space with a very slight vintage twist.

The craigslisted dresser (that I finally decided on) is mid-make-over in Millie’s garage and is coming out better than I hoped for.  I can’t wait to show it off!


Why yes, I do plan to put a vintage Kilim striped pillow in a nursery as long as my sister lets me (pretty please, Sis?  It’ll be amazing, I promise!!).  The room will be getting a fresh coat of yellow paint this weekend and then the pieces will start to fall into place!

I’ll provide sources with the room reveal when the time comes, but feel free to ask if you just HAVE to know now!

I’d love to hear what you think!  Is my vision making sense yet, or are you waiting to see how I tie it all together?

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