11.8.2012 / Sherdog and J-Boom

I’m about to go all weird-fan-girl on you.  Be warned.

My fave bloggers, Sherry and John Petersik (aka Sherdog and J-Boom), the masterminds of the blog Young House Love, were in town last night for the signing of their new book.  (If you don’t read their blog already, what are you waiting for? Go! You’ll thank me!).

yhl sign

Well, I was a little excited to meet them (be it ever so briefly).  They write their blog like they’re writing to their bff, so they make you feel like a part of their lives.  Have you met my friend Sherry?  Oh, wait, even I haven’t met my friend Sherry (well, up until she signed my book).  Mom and I (since I coerced her to start reading their blog too) have had conversations about what John and Sherry are up to like we really know them.  Hm, that sounds a little creepy now that I typed it, but I’ll stick with it.

Mom was able to get there before me and score us an AWESOME spot in line and make a few friends. Thanks Mom!

yhl mom

Before they started signing, they gave a few quick DIY tips for your home or holiday gifts.

yhl demo

They are precisely as cute and awesomely awesome (yup, I said it) in person as they are on their blog.  Here Sherry’s posing for John with 2 ceramic owls they just signed.  Work those owls Sherdog!  Tyra would be proud.

yhl owl posing

They were so sweet to take pics with everyone, too.  I think I was shaking, hope I wasn’t too awkward.  (thanks, nor’easter for my messy hair)

yhl and me

Before they started signing, Sherry mentioned her love of this wall of paper mache animals, so I just had to take a pic in her honor.

west elm animals

It sucks that they got to experience our city in such crappy weather, but I hope they’ll come back in the Spring when Boston really shines!

yhl book

(go buy the book here)

8 comments on “Sherdog and J-Boom

  1. i had such a blast too!!! it’s so funny to finally meet someone you feel like you already know so well! oh, and for the record, i was shaking too. =)

  2. Jodi says:

    so fun! and you and your mom are completely adorable!!

  3. How cool. Love finding more followers through the book tour posts. I’m hoping they come to L.A so I can finally meet them. I totally talk about them like I know them too. Not creepy at all. LOL

  4. You’re so not weird – I totally go “John and Sherry just got this ceramic animal”… Lucky you for meeting them!

  5. Chris says:

    I was there too and had just as much fun! Although we were about last in line. Still it was awesome! Nice to see a fellow BFF ;)

  6. Jill says:

    Great post. I too am a huge fan of YHL. And yes, I too sometimes catch myself acting like Sherry and John are my actual friends even though they don’t know me from Adam (“Have you met my friend Sherry? Oh, wait, even I haven’t met my friend Sherry…” Best line ever!). Thanks for sharing your experience! I wish they were signing books out here in San Francisco, but alas, I must live vicariously through all you lucky east coasters.

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