11.18.2015 / Podcast Love

Podcasts are addictive listening.  It starts with one podcast, then snowballs to 6 or more in no time.  Personally I’m always looking for new ones and I know some of you are too, so let’s share the love.  Here’s what’s currently on my listening roster.  Share what podcasts you’re loving in the comments below!

Design Minds

Style Matters Podcast

Style Matters: These local ladies talk all about WHY style matters.  What does it mean to us personally?  It’s not all about something pretty or expensive or impressive- it’s about how style makes us feel.  AMEN!  Each week they talk to a different guest about what style means to them.  Now in their second season, the guests just keep getting better and better!

Small-Business Rock Stars

Being Boss Podcast

Being Boss:  I cannot say enough good about this podcast.  Insert all the heart emojis and that might be a start.  This podcast has also given birth to an amazing facebook group of listeners and like-minded bosses- which is actually where I connected with the Style Matters ladies.  If you want to be boss in a job you’re passionate about just give a listen- whether you have a side hustle, are freelancing, or full time, there’s so many take-aways.  Plus Emily and Kathleen are so hilarious.  No more gushing required- just go listen and you can thank me later.

She Percolates Podcast

She Percolates:  In full disclosure, I wasn’t sold when I listened to my first episode since these ladies don’t have soothing radio voices, but ya know- who cares!  When I really listened to the content and got to (virtually) know these ladies, I kept coming back.  They don’t sugarcoat life or success but have frank discussions about success.  The first question they always ask their guests is “what is your definition of success?”  Each week, I try and come up with what my own definition of success is, but it seems to change week to week.  In a nutshell, She Percolates discusses how success is different for everyone.

Elise Gets Crafty Podcast

Elise Gets Crafty:  Along the same lines as the previous 2 podcasts, Elise chats with small-business owners.  Not as chit-chatty as all the ones above since it’s just her and the guest, but that mean’s there’s less filler chat and more useful stories.  I love hearing about the paths people took to reach success.

General Life Inspiration

The Lively Show Podcast

The Lively Show: this was the first podcast I listened to and it got me hooked.  Jess talks to guests from all walks of life about how to live life with intention.  Sometimes she’s focused on business, other times family, or finances, or beauty.  Really any topic that might help you live your life more intentionally, she’s probably touched on.  Let’s be frank- who doesn’t want to live there life a little more intentionally and maybe be a bit happier?

Intellectual Stimulation

TED Radio Hour Podcast

TED Talk Radio: This is the most recent add to my weekly listening.  Each episode explores a topic and pulls from several TED talks.  My favorite so far is “The source of creativity.”  Just very interesting adventures into interesting topics.


Now I want to hear from you!  Do you love these podcasts or have others that you think I should add to my list?


11.13.2015 / Franken-Chair Plans

Ever been so eager to start a project that you forget to take proper before pictures?  Me neither.  I would never do that……

Since reworking, rearranging my office and getting a proper desk a few months ago, I decided that this very sad vintage chair that I adopted at Brimfield several years ago was just the right piece to add some mid century pizzazz to the room.


I’m ashamed to say that I’ve been sitting and working in this pre cat clawed (not from my cats!), musty, old pleather chair ever since.


The seat height was a bit too low and I craved a chair on casters, so I held off on doing anything to it until I had a plan.  First step was to make sure that I wasn’t sitting on a mid century gold mine.  The chair looks suspiciously like the Eero Saarenin Executive Armchair- even down to the color.  The official version of this chair is still available new for the paltry sum of $1800+.


Lucky for my franken-chair plans, mine is just a close reproduction.  Without a makers mark or tag, I had to rely on checking the dimensions against the original designer chair.  While close, a half inch shy of the designer width and thinner seat cushion told me my chair wasn’t worth thousands.  It would be cool to own a vintage designer chair (that I procured for only $25), but I now have the freedom to make it the chair I want instead of the pressure to restore it originally.  Can you see my wheels turning?  I tried to think of how I could add casters and raise the seat, but no casters would work with those original legs.  I was at an impasse.

Enter trash chair.  (which was in 1 piece when I found it, but I swiftly picked it apart, whoops)



This beauty had been sitting in a neighbor’s trash pile for days.  Since I’m a recovering chair-a-holic (ha recovering…), I was trying NOT to grab it even though it called to me every time I left my house and had to pass by the pile.  Finally I gave in.  At the end of a run one day I grabbed the chair and wheeled it down the street and to my yard without a plan for it.  I just knew that this cool old chair did not deserve to end up in a dumpster.  The wood part of the base was loose and the top had seen better days- much better days.  While not beyond repair, the top is certainly in the sorrier state and won’t be needed for my plans.  I probably can’t bring myself to get rid of the top, though, but it will be set aside and the base is getting a new life.  Because look at this beautiful base.  It’s all about that base, that base…


Wow, I wasn’t planning on being so verbose today.  I guess I have a lot to say about chairs.  It’s a real problem folks.  Check back next week to see how I plan to make these 2 vintage gems into the perfect office chair!

Feel free to feed my chair addiction on instagram and tag your chair discoveries with #chairhoardersanonymous




11.10.2015 / More Office Progress

Since my last Office Updates post, not a whole bunch has changed.  I should really know better by now than to try and do any projects in my own home while in the midst of a flip.  While the to do list hasn’t gotten shorter, I have been making progress towards completion now that I’ve shifted my focus back home.

To recap and refresh your memory (since it was months ago and who can remember that far back)… so far this room has gotten:

-Uncovered and refinished 100+ year old wide plank pine floors (happydance)

-New baseboards and trim to match the rest in the house

-Repainted walls

-A new layout and new (to me) antique desk

-Cable ran through the wall so it doesn’t wind around the entire room’s baseboard anymore (another happy dance)

Custom cat perch

-A new light fixture


The remaining To-Do list for this itty bitty room is:

-Create cabinet to hide TV

-Make pillows for settee (one is made!)

-Make or buy roman shade

-Reupholster and put rolly base on vintage chair

-New knobs and paint cubby doors

-Way way in the eventual- refinish antique desk (so far in the eventual that it’ll probably be 5 years away, but a girl can dream)

-Hang plants in corner next to window

-Metal pipe picture rail above settee

-Style and organize! (let’s add a few !!!!! to this item for good measure since it’s the most fun part)


A rather long list for a room that’s less than 100sf, huh?  But it’s doable… I just need to DO it.

The first item on the remaining To-Do list Handy Dad is currently helping me with.  A custom TV cabinet.  Since this is my office primarily and den/tv room secondarily, I want to be able to cover up the tv with some pretty art and have it be out of sight out of mind when I need to focus on working.

After much debate and back and forth about how to engineer it, I ended up planning a shelf system with sliding doors.  I’ll apply store-bought frames to the doors after construction and the art (hopefully) will slide with ease.  When the TV is in use, it will be framed out and flanked with beautiful art.

tv cab 1

When not, there will be a decorative shelving unit with statement art in the center.


Aside from gray frames and colorful art, the rest will be painted white to match the walls and trim and not get too busy.  Like I said… <100sf.

As for the statement art, I’ve been positively drooling over this art from etsy.


So far Handy Dad and I have solidified our construction plans and started to cut out all the pieces.  Hopefully we can start the assembly this week!

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