09.17.2014 / Make it Work: Furniture Vanity

Ok, I totally have a one track mind planning out the new master bath for this flip.  In order to monopolize on this and not completely bore you, I figured I’d turn my obsession into a “Make it Work” post.

If you missed the first post in my new Make it Work series, it’s all about not just showing you a cool vintage or thrifted find, but also showing you how to make it work in a space.

Today’s Make it Work moment comes from the idea of repurposing a piece of furniture into a bathroom vanity.  This little guy caught my eye on craigslist this morning.


At an asking price of $95 (including the mirror) it is not a priceless antique.  Chipping veneer and other cosmetic damage make this perfect for repurposing (contrary to popular belief, I usually refrain from painting quality pieces.  This is not).

If done right, a repurposed furniture vanity looks like it was always meant to be that way.  I love almost everything about this bathroom from Better Homes and Gardens and it raises the vanity question- old or new?  In this case, it’s probably a vintage-inspired new piece, but why go vintage-inspired when you can go true vintage?

BHG butter bathroom

Sadly in my soon to be master bath, there isn’t enough room for a double vanity, although if there was, this buffet would make for a dreamy double vanity.


Returning to the little guy I showed you at the top, how would I make it work… so to speak…

One option would be to simply add a vessel sink to the top like so:


(I’d like to credit the original source, but pinterest dead-ends me.  Help if you can!)

In the case of the craigslist piece we’re looking at, I’d go for a new marble or stone top with undermount sink.  The fun part here is for a stone piece this small, you have a very good chance of being able to get a steal of a deal on a remnant piece from a countertop installer.


1/ Farrow & Ball Lulworth Blue- this cool gray blue painted vanity on top of my planned wood floors would be heavenly.

2/ Rejuvination’s Jordan Valley Sconce is the perfect mix of modern with a nod to craftsman

3/ Hello statement mirror, how are you today? Brooke Mirror via Z Gallerie

4/ Vintage-inspired faucet- Rollins Faucet via Rejuvination

5/ If no budget remnants are available, this Carrara top from Home Depot would do the trick


So what do you think?  Should I pull the trigger for this new master ensuite and repurpose a vintage piece?


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09.15.2014 / In the Pocket

I took a much needed break from projects this weekend, although no matter how much I tell it, my darn brain just never stops working.  Right now it’s work is fun, though- I just can’t stop thinking about and planning the future first floor master!

Millie the fliphouse future bath doorway via Year of Serendipity

I was originally thinking that a french door and sidelights within the existing frame would be the best bet.  Thankfully, my contractor convinced me otherwise.  Apparently such a plan would cost about an arm and a leg to be the custom size and would most likely still look like it was just a door shoved in an existing opening.  Although I want this house to be fresh with modern amenities, I want all of the new elements to look like they could be original.  New plan!!

10 points for you if you remember that the entry way into what will soon be this master suite has a pocket door.

Millie the fliphouse existing pocket door via Year of Serendipity

Therefore, if the soon to be master ensuite ALSO had a pocket door…. if done RIGHT….. it could look original!  Don’t you just love that idea??  It was my contractors idea, I have to admit, but the second he mentioned that he could make one and that it was within my budget, SOLD!

….SO then I created homework for myself.  Pocket door = cool.  Pocket door with stained glass = even cooler.  Homework mission: find a stained glass or leaded glass piece the right size to fit in a new 3′ pocket door AND a style that fits with the other 2 embellished glass doors in the house:

Millie the fliphouse slag glass stained glass door via Year of Serendipity

Millie the fliphouse leaded textured glass door via Year of Serendipity

I can just see this new door being the real WOW moment as you enter the new stunning bathroom.  Naturally, I’ve already started scouring Craigslist and ebay for the right piece, but all I have as of yet are leads of a few salvage places to check out.

Forget endless landscaping, THIS is the part of flipping that makes me positively giddy.

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09.12.2014 / Millie: Week 3

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I learn to navigate through the business of flipping houses.  This flip, Millie is the most challenging and most exciting yet!  You can find more about this house and about my 3 previous flip houses here.

This week was MORE landscaping.  It’s seemingly endless, but at least I can finally see an inkling of the light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s still a ways away, but at least I can see it.  I know landscaping isn’t the most enthralling part of the flipping process, so I’ll try to make it interesting.

I ripped out approximately 18.5 more bushes.  If you are a bush in this yard and you have done something to offend me- you will be ripped out.  .5 because the last one fought back and since it was the end of the day I didn’t have the energy to beat it into submission.  That’ll be today.

I spent quite a bit of time in the front yard this week where 18 of the 18.5 bushes were ripped out.  I am pleased to say that after some minor trimming and weeding today, the front yard will be ready for grass seed!

All 3 sides of this little area used to be edged in sad-looking bushes.  The only way in with the lawnmower was a small opening behind the tree.

millie the flip house front yard before

So out they came.

millie the flip house front yard in progress

And the neighbors rejoiced.  No really, they did.  Maybe rejoiced isn’t the right word, but I’ve gotten so many comments from passerbys about how nice the yard is starting to look and how cool the house is (now that it can be seen).

Across the front yard, one exit from the front porch heads to the side where it meets a gas-light lined ‘terrace’ walkway that runs next to the house (must find out the history of this terrace and it’s houses).  This little sidewalk was getting claustrophobic before.  At less than 10 feet long, it was crowded on either side with 12 bushes.

millie the flip house front yard before

Problem solved and now the home has a better connection to a really cool neighborhood feature.  Fence repair, grass, mulch and a new stair and railing will finish off this view.

millie the flip house front yard in progress

Don’t worry, all the bushes that I ripped out didn’t go to waste, though.  All of the hollys that I ripped out this week and last either got adopted by my mother in law or a neighbor (they’d disappear from my brush pile at night) and several other bushes are being relocated in the yard.

Last week, when I left you in the back yard, there was still a partial privacy fence of 100% weeds (back left).

millie the flip house back yard week 2 progress

Today?  That same corner finally allows for a gorgeous view of the other antique bungalows along the gas-light lined terrace.

millie the flip house back yard week 3 progress

Yes, the fence needs repair- my contractor’s on that.  Yes, that sorry brick edging needs to go- I’m on that.  I believe it’s official now- the yard waste piles are as tall as I am if not taller and they keep multiplying (or I keep ripping stuff out…. one or the other)

millie the flip house back yard progress

In addition to taming the jungle of weeds, my contractor has also gotten started on repairing the deck which was previously perched on crooked footings and had unsafe stairs and railings.

millie the flip house back yard progress

This was also a week of discoveries.  Discoveries are fun in an old house (unless those discoveries cost lots of money to fix, but luckily I had none of those this week)

When Handy Dad was assisting me chop up and move a rotten fallen tree, we discovered that the patio in that area was about 3 feet larger than we though.  When the tree had fallen, they moved the edging rocks out to around the tree as opposed to removing the tree.  Logical, no?  This is the regained patio space.  The rest is covered with yet another brush pile.  I think it’s time to make those go away…

millie the flip house back yard progress

The next discovery was made by my electrician and at first it confused the bejeezus out of him.  Canvas ceilings.  Not everywhere, but only in the dining room, future first floor master, and future first floor master bath.  I didn’t think to walk around poking ceilings before since they all looked the same, but I know better now!  So, canvas ceilings- the original drop ceiling.  It’s literally canvas stretched across the entire ceiling.  If there’s a way we can work around them and keep them, you bet I’ll be doing that!  They’re weird and cool and what makes fixing an old house fun.

millie the flip house canvas ceiling

My hard wood flooring guy also made the discovery that I have hard wood floors hiding under the multiple layers of linoleum in the kitchen.  No picture since I haven’t started the archeological dig through the linoleum, but soon enough.

This week, I also discovered that vintage nerf whistler footballs make great homes for plant roots

millie the flip house back yard nerf

AND I discovered that I’m not above picking up toilets off the side of the road….  In my defense, the sign on it said “FREE never used” and it was bone dry with it’s original stickers still on it.  Mine!  At the very least it’ll end up in the basement bathroom.  Free stuff is fun!

millie the flip house found toilet


Well, that about sums up my week.  Yard work is exhausting and I have a relaxing weekend planned with no physical labor required.

Have a great weekend!

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